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In order to keep the learning going, you can now buy the Letters Kingdom game. Once you have tried the demo, you can effectively purchase the game so you can play at your convenience. Gone, are the days when an internet connection was required to go back to your favorite games. Now, your child can enjoy the experience of learning the English language in a hassle free manner.

Simply follow the relevant links to buy Letters Kingdom in a fast track manner so that you and your child does not go a day without learning something new.

You can buy the game from one of the below payment gateways

  • : You may buy the full version through The indie games hub. The website provides secure payment provider using either your credit card or your Paypal account as well as other methods.

  • BMT Micro : You can purchase using the BMT Micro secure payment gateway.
  • Price : $10

  • PayPal You can ,also, select paypal as your preferred payment method.
  • Price : $10

  • When purchasing the Letters Kingdom game, you will the following :

    • The complete Letters Kingdom game.
    • One year access to Kids activity area for free. (free for a limited time)
    • Lifetime upgrade for the game.

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