About Us

Our Mission

Letters Kingdom is tried and tested so that your child learns in an environment that is just perfect for him/her. In order to help the child effectively, parents may also play along to know the progress and learning abilities of the child. Moreover, parents and adults will also find the game a genuine source of knowledge. . Once you have tried teaching your child the Letters Kingdom way, you will want to add Letters Kingdom to your childs learning methods. May be, you won't go back to the traditional methods.

Our Vision

Initially, books and slates were the only two ways student were made to learn new things. As technology evolved, new ways of getting educated came to surface.

New methods and approaches are more child oriented so that the learning experience in interactive and not boring like it used to be. Following the trend, we have come up with a 3D gaming experience which sets strong foundation of the learning to read and write the A, B, C.

It's Fun

Studying is considered to be boring and that is exactly the perspective we aim to change. Letters Kingdom brings a fresh platform to young minds so as to make them better learners.