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Welcome to our Letters Kingdom

The beginning of your academic adventure starts now, welcome to Letters Kingdom.

If your child is beginning to learn how to read and write, you have reached the right place. With Letters Kingdom, your child is engaged in a learning experience that is hard to find elsewhere. Start your adventure and meet frogs, dogs, rhinoceros, monkeys and many other friendly characters while searching for the English alphabets and see your child achieve the unexpected.

Letters Kingdom comes in an interactive graphics oriented interface, which makes it not only fun for children but also for adults. The children can learn the pronunciation and the correct penmanship of A, B, C alphabets effectively.

In a world of touch devices, your child will start to learn how to get the sense of using the physical keyboard as well.

Letters Kingdom combines the fun and learning aspects all at one place, so your child will always feel excited to learn the new letter in the alphabet. We guarantee your child will ask to stay up and continue playing/learning.

Letters Kingdom

Start playing Letters Kingdom with your little one today!...


NEWS ...

  • German article about Letters Kingdom

    An article has been written on replaying.de, a quick review in German about the game evolution. Check out the latest news.

  • WHAT'S NEW ...

    Enjoy better graphics, improved game play, advanced features and ambient music. New levels design and additional small games in both level 3 and level 4.

  • Oldest version review on YouTube

    Tanner Productions released a video review for the oldest Letters Kingdom version.

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