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The new demo is available. better graphics, better environment, better game play .. Play now

The best part about Letters Kingdom is the free demo you are provided with. No downloads, no complicated deals. All you need to do is like our Facebook page to try the demo in a hassle free manner. Since the game is generally aimed at young children, the controls are simple and easy to follow. When you start playing, your main aim is to search for all the alphabets ranging from A - Z. You can control the game by using your mouse to move the cursor wherever needed.

Please note that the Adobe Flash Player is outdated now. So please move to the newer demo page - click here


Please note that the video playback takes a while to display during the game so please be patient. Thank You !
  • Up Key : Move Forward

  • Down Key : Move Backward

  • Right Key : Move Right

  • Left Key : Move Left

  • Space : For Jump

  • Shift : To Run

  • E Key : Guess What !!

  • ESC : To Return to the Main Menu

  • Ctrl : Pick Up items, climb up ladders and special actions
  • Enter : During the game, all on screen messages are hiddren. When playing a video it skips the video playback.

  • Left Mouse Button : Hide on screen messages


Download the Letters Kingdom (English version) demo from here